Async Programming and Python, PyCon India, Sep 2014, Bangalore, India

Rapid Development and Integration of Real Time Communication in Websites, PyCon NZ, Sep 2013, Auckland, NZ

Rapid Development of Website Search in Python, PyCon India, Sep 2012, Bangalore, India

FUSEing Python for rapid development of storage efficient file system, PyCon APAC, June 2012, Singapore

Exploiting the power of multicore for scientific computing in Python, SciPy India, December 2011, IIT Bombay

Diving in to Byte-code optimization in Python, SciPy India, December 2011, IIT Bombay

Code Review: Testers in product development, BLRTMM, October 2011, Bangalore

‘Python threads: Dive into GIL!’, PyCon India, Sept 2011

‘Tutorial on Python Programming’, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Dec 2010

Note: All slides posted under license Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC