Tornado – CRUD Web Services

In my last post, I spoke about Richardson Maturity model and its useful to demarcate web services based on their implementation maturity. We also understood, how CRUD Web Services fall under Level2 in Maturity model. Let's take an example of CRUD Web Service developed with Tornado. In this example, we develop a 'blogger' Web  service … Continue reading Tornado – CRUD Web Services

Tornado – Internationalization

  Web development often calls for internationalization (i18n), Tornado provides this facility with tornado.locale class. In the example below, we create request handlers to cater to users request for different locale. For instance, DEHandler renders a standard web page (locale_template.html) in German language after translating the English words from the template. Translation is governed … Continue reading Tornado – Internationalization

Tornado – Error Handling

Web development often calls for gracefully handling of non-existent pages or broken links that users request for. A simple way to achieve error handling in Tornado is with: tornado.web.HTTPError - Exception handler that can used to generate error code of specified type. It is often used to raise an exception as we would see in … Continue reading Tornado – Error Handling