Tornado – SOAP Web Services

SOAP (or Simple Object Access protocol) is a protocol that is used for development of web services in turn used for exchanging information across computers. While the message format is XML, the mode of negotiation and transmission typically is HTTP. SOAP provides a messaging framework where the client and web services are bind to a … Continue reading Tornado – SOAP Web Services

Tornado – Web Sockets

  WebSocket (RFC 6455) protocol provides bi-directional (or duplex) communication between web server and browser. Communication typically happens over a single TCP connection and is used to facilitate interaction between web server and browser like live streaming and real time content delivery. It is crucial to note that WebSocket is non standard HTTP connection where … Continue reading Tornado – Web Sockets

Tornado – Secure Cookies

Well, as we read about cookies in the previous post, we can also say cookies help in tracking users, understanding their preferences and browsing activities. Cookies thus provide continuity and state across HTTP connections which we explained with users browsing through different pages without losing out information they posted. All's good, but the threat lies … Continue reading Tornado – Secure Cookies