Go project structure, building commands and packages

In the last blog, we saw how to create a simple Go script and run it to get the desired outcome. We also learnt about few useful editors and setup Visual Studio Code for working in Golang. Let’s take a step deeper and understand how to structure our Go project. We will also build a … Continue reading Go project structure, building commands and packages

Golang Hello World!

Now that we installed Go on our Mac and Ubuntu systems in the last blog, it's time to run our first script - program to display hello, world and learn about editors that support Golang. We will download and setup the Visual Studio Code editor. Go Hello World Running a Go script is very similar … Continue reading Golang Hello World!

Installing Golang

Hi there, welcome back, hope you read the introduction blog and are ready to install Go. Installing Go is trivial, you can download the binaries for your platform from the Go's download page and install it. In this blog, we will install Go v1.11 and go through the steps of installation on macOS and Ubuntu … Continue reading Installing Golang

Introduction to Go programming language

Hi folks, it's been quite a long time, I have been working on interesting scalability challenges recently and couldn't get enough time to share my learnings. I have been dabbling with this interesting language and thought it'd be great for you to know as well, so here I am, this time with Golang or simply … Continue reading Introduction to Go programming language