Installing Node.js on Ubuntu

I would continue explaining more about Node.js, but for all those folks who do things and understand them, here's the way to install Node.js on Ubuntu machines.. You need to first install necessary packages like git-core and libssl-dev sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install g++ curl libssl-dev apache2-utils sudo apt-get install git-core Download the latest … Continue reading Installing Node.js on Ubuntu

Django setup on Ubuntu

  Setting up a django website calls for (though not always): django installation configuring Apache mod_wsgi others like database servers, static file server etc Now if you are developing a small scale website, you may not want to go the Apache, mod_wsgi way.. Django helps here by providing a development web server, so that you … Continue reading Django setup on Ubuntu

Tornado – Database MySQL Client Wrapper

Tornado provides a simple MySQL wrapper for performing database operations. Class tornado.databse.Connection acts as a wrapper over MySQLdb DB-API connection. Consider you have a MySQL installed on your system and you create a DB 'mydb' with table 'post' and records as below: mysql> use mydb Database changed mysql> create table post (Id int, Title char(50), … Continue reading Tornado – Database MySQL Client Wrapper