Analyzes patterns on streams — with Node.js & Faye (pub/sub module)

  • creates a stream of numbers taking input from a txt file
  • stream is then published on /inChannel
  • server – serves the requests on different channels
  • stream is then buffered and analyzed for patterns
  • matched pattern is then published on /outChannel

Supported patterns

  • Arithmetic and Geometric progression
  • Fibonacci Series
  • Support for adding user defined patterns


fsMgr – FileSystem Search Manager — with Tornado and Whoosh

fsMgr is developed to introduce and demonstrate the concepts of

  • ‘Abstraction in Search’ for mid-scaled real time website
  • SVC (Search View Controller) design based on MVC pattern

More about ‘Abstraction in Search’ and ‘SVC design’ can be read here

fsMgr is developed with Tornaso-2.2, Whosh-2.4.1 on Linux ubuntu 2.6.32-38-generic #83-Ubuntu and Python 2.6


  • Highlighted: Highlights the searched keywords
  • Did you mean: Spell check for searched keywords
  • More like this: Document based search


seFS – Storage Efficient File System — with Python-fuse bindings and pyLibrary

seFS is a Python-FUSE based storage efficient file system that abstracts SQLite Database as a file system and provides storage efficiency with Data de-duplication and compression. seFS was developed on Ubuntu 11.04.


  • Data de-duplication
  • Compression


Set of libraries (being continually developed and improved) written in Python useful for Python developers.


Support data structures in Python

  • Binary Search Tree
  • Linked Lists
  • Stack
  • Queue

Libraries to handle database operations

  • Support for SQLite db operations
  • Handles MongoDB operations

Libraries for http requests

  • GET/POST requests to a defined URL
  • Rest style GET/POST/PUT/DELETE request handle

Libraries to support Windows operations

  • Handles Virtual Machine (start/pause/remove)
  • Windows Services (start/stop)
  • Registry operations for Windows (add/retrieve/delete keys)

Utility libraries

  • Works with Date, Time, Calender operations
  • Mathematical operations (lcm, gcd, isPrime, fibonacci…)
  • Convert Rows to Columns
  • Archive operations (zlib)
  • FileSystem Operations


  • Performs cryptographic operations (md5/sha/hmac signatures)

Logging mechanisms


PyRebootOps schedules file move, rename and delete operations on locked files to be executed on the next system restart. Scheduled operations can be viewed and reset by the user. The utility also help the users in rebooting their system.


  • Schedule – Move, Rename, Delete operations on locked files using PyRebootOps
  • View and Reset scheduled operations.
  • Restart the user system