API-ReviewBoard-0.1 indexed @ perl.org

Technobeans has another achievement to its name 🙂 Perl module API-ReviewBoard-0.1, developed by Chetan Giridhar, has been successfully indexed @ perl.org. Download module from Github Details from modules@perl.org User: CHETANG (Chetan) Distribution file: API-ReviewBoard-0.1.tar.gz Number of files: 1 *.pm files: 1 README: No README found META.yml: No META.yml found YAML-Parser: YAML::XS 0.32 META-driven index: no Timestamp of … Continue reading API-ReviewBoard-0.1 indexed @ perl.org

Lint in Perl

Abstract You must be probably aware of static code analysis. Yes, it’s a technique that is extensively used in software development to find out programming errors that a developer might have committed. It is termed static because it is done on the source code without actually executing it. Want to analyze your Perl program for … Continue reading Lint in Perl