Automate It! – Recipes to upskill your business

The Python recipes covered in the chapters of this book will help you gain knowledge and encourage you to automate your critical business flows.
You will learn how to construct Python scripts to scrape data from the web, build conversational bots, develop your own scanner using computer vision techniques, leverage cloud telephony, and automate social media data analysis including visualisation.
This book is designed for Python developers of any experience level, and the recipe-based approach will allow you to run code and get instant results.

Details of the book

  • To automate business processes and make them efficient with Python recipes
    Explore the power of REST APIs and implement Web hooks. Work with Twitter REST APIs and post automated tweets with Python.
  • Understand the world of Cloud telephony and implement business use cases with SMS and Voice Notification with Python bindings.
  • Manipulate images and learn how to use Python’s Computer Vision for face detection and automate business tasks. Have you thought of making your organisation go paperless?
  • Learn about conversational bots and implement one of your own using Python. You will also learn to integrate AI to your bots.
  • Understand Data analysis and generate interesting insights on your data using Python’s modules for data filtering and visualisation.

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Learning Python Design Patterns

Welcome Friends! This book, is about learning design patterns, through the medium of Python language. If you are a Python developer and interested in solving design and architectural problems, this book would be very useful. If you are new to design patterns or want to explore the world Object Oriented Programming in Python, this text provides the first building blocks. All pattern implementations written in Python v3.5, so, you learn Python 3 as well 🙂

Details of the book

1. Understand the structural, creational, and behavioural Python design patterns
2. Get to know the context and application of design patterns to solve real-world problems in software architecture, design, and application development
3. Get practical exposure through sample implementations in Python v3.5 for the design patterns featured

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Amazon and O’Reilly. (ISBN-10: 178588803X, ISBN-13: 978-1785888038)