Tornado – Escape – Json

Tornado web server exports methods for escape/unescape html, xml, Json among others. This blog discusses about encoding and decoding JSON format.

Tornado has the following methods:

  • tornado.escape.json_encode(value) – JSON’ify the Python object passed to it as argument
  • tornado.escape.json_decode(value) – Converts the JSON string into Python Object

Here’s a usage example:

In this example,

1. When user browses to http://localhost:8888/blog, jsonform.html is rendered that asks for ‘Title’ and ‘Author’

2. On filling this form, a POST request is sent to /blog URL, where the posted arguments are encoded to JSON string with tornado.escape.json_encode() and rendered on the user browser

3. class Language is request handler that caters to http://localhost:8888/lang. In this class, a Python dictionary object is converted to JSON string with tornado.escape.json_encode() and responds with this JSON string to any client request.

4. When makes a GET request to /lang URL, JSON string is sent as a response. The client decodes this JSON string to a Python dictionary object with tornado.escape.json_decode() method

Code for below

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