API-ReviewBoard-0.1 indexed @ perl.org

Technobeans has another achievement to its name 🙂

Perl module API-ReviewBoard-0.1, developed by Chetan Giridhar, has been successfully indexed @ perl.org.

Download module from Github

Details from modules@perl.org

User: CHETANG (Chetan)
Distribution file: API-ReviewBoard-0.1.tar.gz
Number of files: 1
*.pm files: 1
META.yml: No META.yml found
YAML-Parser: YAML::XS 0.32
META-driven index: no
Timestamp of file: Tue Jun 21 11:34:34 2011 UTC
Time of this run: Tue Jun 21 11:38:06 2011 UTC

Status of this distro: OK

The following packages (grouped by status) have been found in the distro:

Status: Successfully indexed

module: API::ReviewBoard
version: undef
in file: ReviewBoard.pm
status: indexed


ActiveState Coverage: http://code.activestate.com/ppm/API-ReviewBoard/

CPAN Coverage: http://cpan.uwinnipeg.ca/htdocs/API-ReviewBoard/API/ReviewBoard.pm.html

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