Automation in Agile

Author: Chetan Giridhar and Sunil Ubranimath

Published at: agilerecord, January 2011 Edition

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The first few things that come to our mind when we talk about automation are repeatability, reduced time and costs, re usability,reliability and better quality of software being developed. With the increasing use of the Agile development methodology (incremental and iterative model of development) in the software industry, the role and benefits of automation in Agile has alwaysbeen under scrutiny. “How can you automate stuff when you surely know that the feature being developed is subject to change in the next iteration?” is a big question posed by quality assurance teams.

The objective of this article is to bring out the risks and challenges the product teams face while automating tests using an Agile development methodology. The authors also suggest some strategies that product teams can adopt so that automation can be effectively developed and used in an Agile context.


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